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Office of Finance - Vena Breakfast Sessions
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Modern Marketing with CRM and Marketing Automation
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Enterprise Budgeting & Planning with Excel

As a leading business technology solutions company, Karabina's mission is to connect people to process and technology and to ultimately help people in business to succeed with relevant, innovative solutions.

We provide the best technology products and solutions to companies in order to help companies to accomplish the following:

  • To manage and make sense of their data
  • To digitally transform their businesses
  • To connect with their customers
  • To drive productivity and collaboration
Solutions for the Sales Leader
Sales leaders need solutions that help sales professionals zero in, win faster, and sell more. From sales mobility, collaborative selling, account and opportunity management, forecasting and having a single view of the customer to understanding your customer intelligence and analytics.
Budgeting, forecasting and planning with Vena
Vena’s award-winning budgeting and forecasting software leverages your existing investments in Excel. The solution goes a step further by adding security and control to your current spreadsheet-intensive processes – you can rest assured that you and your team is always working with accurate, up-to-date data.
Market smarter with automation tools
Marketers have more influence on the customer buyer journey than ever before. We can help you nurture your leads, automate your campaigns, create email templates, design landing pages and ultimately get qualified leads into the hands of the sales person. Take a look at how we can help you.
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